Reality shows can make you better at Business

Every now and then we all need inspiration, regardless of our job, or business, or talent. The world of reality TV is now opening up doors of experience and wisdom from the comfort of your own home, one if is wise with the content provided can learn a lot more and still get entertained. In other words-be smart.

Reality shows can make you better at Business - The Apprentice US
Reality shows can make you better at Business – The Apprentice US

The Apprentice is one such show, a great watch for those who are even remotely related to the field of business. You can be any part of the hierarchy of a corporate and you will not only enjoy what you see, but learn a great deal along the way, also develop a new found respect for those who hustle to make an organization work. These shows are a must watch for those looking for inspiration and even a little ego boost when experiencing down time in their businesses.

The American-British reality show first aired in the year 2004, and has gone on for 12 seasons. No one can miss the presence of the show host, and co-producer; real estate magnate Donald Trump. Anyone who has a list of business role models will definitely have his name in it. Mark Burnett the creator of the show is not less of an entrepreneur himself. The essence of the show is how it opens up all the various segments of a working corporate. The issues they deal with, the stress they are under, the painful process of team work and annoying leaders. The show is a great lesson for all business students; it will part information in the areas as basic as business communication, and presenting an excellent sales pitch. And the best part is, all of it is critiqued by Mr. Trump himself.

Success Quotes from Donald Trump:

Entrepreneurs owning small scale or large scale businesses can draw immense inspiration from the shows originality. Ideas that flow through the minds of the overly talented contestants can help them establish or even improve their own businesses. It’s like getting free education the standard of Harvard. One very crucial element of the show is how one presents themselves to the world, how they deal with uncomfortable situations, the choices they make, and how they stick to their beliefs and not get carried away by the prize of a five figure salary. Working for the business tycoon Donald Trump is definitely no joke, and in order for you to stand out, you have to speak out. Keeping all your credentials on your finger tips and exuding all the confidence you can every second of the day is essential for proving your strengths to your boss or colleagues. What may have been considered as arrogant is now considered as confidence, one should not shy away from their achievements and speak up when needed, or watch a very good opportunity fly by.

Shows like these are a great source of positivity for starting a new business. If you’re still a student in business, this show will provide great practical knowledge, inspiration and make studying interesting too. All in all, The Apprentice is a must watch for the ones living in the world of money making.

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