ReBoard – the Indian foresight to a multitasking keyboard

Reboard Multitasking Keyboard

Multi-tasking takes a new avatar when Gursimranjeet Singh and Gagan Singh of Matcoms Broke Barriers via their new iOS keyboard App ReBoard. Launched less than 30 days ago this keyboard app revolution-arises how you multitask from the convenience of your phone, highly innovative and dynamic, this app is a must-have for anyone who likes to multi-task.

There are several features that are commonly found in other keyboard apps, like swiping the delete key to remove the entire word and predictive text feature, but the display isn’t anything extraordinary. However, coming to what makes this keyboard app so awesome are the 18 “powerful built-in actions” and practical functions for the user. Let’s acquaint ourselves, shall we?

  • The space bar can be used as a trackpad to scroll through content, so you can easily move the cursor through your text via the space-bar
  • Predictive Emoji! ReBoard predicts not just words that you may need in your text but also emojis analyzing the type of text regularly. Users can view all of the predictive emojis in one place and select the one they want to use.
  • A simple swipe on a particular key will show its alternative character. It’s meant to be easily adaptable by the user in order to fully utilize the fast typing feature.
  • The keyboard can be hidden by swiping down anywhere.
  • Double-tap on suggested words for variations of the same
ReBoard App…So Many Actions

The highlight feature!

There’s a command icon situated next to the predictive text area. Selecting that helps you perform tasks like scheduling calendar appointments, searching the web, calculations, etc. within the keyboard window. There’s no need to come out of the present app to access any of the other apps.

This is what makes ReBoard such a practical and amazing App. You can carry on other tasks like; translating entered text, sharing Dropbox links, and Wikipedia content, and even searching YouTube for the link to that video you wanted to share.

There’s also an image search feature. This is all possible because the open APIs of many well-known apps have been integrated into ReBoard. Hence, users can share Dropbox files, search local addresses and view maps, chat on Slack, add tasks to Wunderlist or create reminders and also perform mathematical calculations, etc. through the app itself, without having to waste time stopping the tasks at hand.

The purpose is to break barriers of regularly used apps by integrating them into the keyboard, ReBoard saves a lot of time. It also helps you do what you need to do then and there without delay.

For people who constantly want to share YouTube videos, look up content on Wikipedia, do an image search, or anything along those lines this ReBoard is their practical solution. It is available on iTunes for $1.99, with the option to purchase additional themes in-app for $0.99

Being one of its kind and a new App ReBoard definitely has scope for improvement. The issue with the command key function is that once you select it, the predictive text disappears as it replaces that space on the screen. This may be an issue for anyone who relies on predictive text for quick typing.

The question now is, what about the Android using multitasking users? Well, Jeet Singh was quoted saying;

“ReBoard goes beyond typing, enabling the user to stay in the context and still perform other tasks. The app is currently available for devices that support iOS 8, but we are working on an Android app as well.”

It’s a matter of time before Android users! Have you tried ReBoard?

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