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Yes you heard it right, now you can register your domain name or address in any Indian language. Already you might have observed many maintains their own site or blog in their own language like Hindi, Telugu, Gujarati, Tamil, and more – here you can find the list of languages by number of native speakers in India in Wikipedia. So I am sure for Indian Bloggers or Indian language site owners will find this service very useful. - Register Domain Any Language - Register Domain Any Language

You might be thinking how could some one can register a domain in any Indian language?

Yes you can – says, internet has grown leaps and bounds. Till now Internet is for English speaking people. But now the technology has changed a lot for non-english speaking people too. With the evolution of “Unicode” now a non-English speaking person can reach Internet in their native languages. As per the recent launch of ” Internationalized Domain Names” all Telugu speaking people can register domains in Telugu. is started by group of young people who want to offer “Domain Registration Services in Telugu”. has partnered with Worlds leading Domain Registrar WildWestDomains Inc to offer Domain Registration services in all Indian Languages. Apart from Regular TLD’s members can register domains in other languages and other extensions. The idea behind “” is to bring awareness on Telugu Domains.

To view characters in an internationalized domain, you must adjust your language settings in your Web browser. If you can’t see the characters, you may need to install the foreign language pack. If you are not sure how could you get an Indian language word, you can use Google Translate to make your job easy and I am sure there are many plugins which does this job.

This service sounds good but the actually domain name with which it registers is different. Here is the example of one of the telugu domain which is already registered –
www.గాంధీ.com – (Which sounds – is actually registered with (non-ASCII characters)

and here are the couple of other sites
www.తాజా.com –
www.కళామందిర్.com –

So – what do you think folks? is this service useful? – Would like to hear from you about this service.

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