Reliance (ADAG) re-invented?

Reliance (ADAG) re-invented?

Reliance - ADAGOne of the country�s biggest businesses house, the Reliance group, after facing some heavy weather split into two separate entities with the two brothers Anil and Mukesh seeking different businesses.

Anil the younger of the two assumed control of different businesses such as Reliance Capital, Reliance Energy, Reliance Infocomm among others. Anil who has been in the news off late, and appears to be the aggressor among the two brothers a fortnight ago announced the new Reliance ADAG logo for his Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group.

So, what was the reason for this separate and unique identity? Several reasons can be cited, primary among them being a distinct identity for the shareholders, retailers, employees and people to identify with ADAG as a new entity which carries forward the legacy and values of the former Reliance and build a new customer centric image.

Keeping this in mind, the company sought to come up with a new logo- The Reliance Apex, with the punch line �Think Bigger�, which was launched a fortnight ago. The logo is supposed to reflect key attributes of the former such as leadership and innovation. Along with the above, it also seeks to project ADAG as a customer centric organization also.

The logo not only brings the different ADAG entities under one umbrella but also gives them a strand of commonality in terms of attributes with which a lay man can identify them.

The logo reflects the Fast Forward which in other words implies a progressive as well as an aggressive nature of this new organisation. Conceptualized by Bangalore based Ray and Keshavan, the logo outlines the need for a change in the outlook, implying a change from earning for oneself than for their children. The concept was designed by London based Landor, which came up with a three dimensional logo and a new set of colours for the company.

As against the combo of blue and green which were the colours in the Reliance Logo, the new set of colours include blue and red. Red, in the apex is for energy & dynamism, the new mould for the group while blue reflects eternal peace and confidence.

Not only has the company looked to acquire a new identity through its logo but also through the advertisements which are being aired on television. The company has roped cinestar Amitabh Bachchan, who is not being showcased as a brand ambassador but a philosophical ambassador for the firm.

This whole initiative shows the importance which companies lay on aspects such as corporate brand identity and image. The enormity of this effort in branding a logo also reflects the ideology of a company which has to be streamlined with it. Indeed, one say that one of the parameters to chart a company�s growth is to see their spending on corporate communications & advertising !

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  1. From past 2 hrs i am looking for Reliance Infocom, to pay my bill online but its not opening and other reliance links are useless, from a 45,000 cr. company its totally shame

  2. Pl. send me details of address for the group which had been awarded the contract of Mumbai metro & Special economic Zone.

    with regrds,

    niraj kumar

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