Ribbit announces $100,000 Killer App Challenge!

Attention Flash & Flex developers!

Ribbit challenging you to help create the next killer voice ware application.

Looking for Flash & Flex competitions, Ribbit and now TopCoder(R) are thrilled to announce the Ribbit $100,000 Killer App Challenge, a long term competition to build apps using the Ribbit Voice Platform.

Ribbit Killer App Challenge
Ribbit Killer App Challenge

Ribbit’s Open Telephony Platform gives you direct access to the world’s first global, programmable phone company. And, Ribbit is teamed up with TopCoder to find out what will happen when they put that power into the hands of the most creative Flash & Flex developers in the world.

Ribbit was created with the understanding that the next generation of great communication solutions would be created, not by the Ribbit team, and not by a traditional phone company – but by you, the Flash & Flex Developers. The Ribbit Voice Platform gives you, the most creative developers in the world, the ability to add rich communication features into your Flash & Flex projects by giving you direct access to the world’s first global, programmable phone company. TopCoder challenging you to help build the next generation phone company-by creating the next Ribbit Killer Application.

With Ribbit, voice is now a programmable feature that is free from the traditional device. It can go anywhere… on a phone, on a webpage, inside email, and in an existing app. Voice can now live inside any environment including online communities or stores, CRM systems, call center applications, media properties – you name it.

What can you win?

Five, $15,000 First Prizes will be awarded to the Killer Apps that best utilize the Ribbit platform to captivate, innovate, and have the best overall market potential in each category. From the five category winners, one will be selected as overall winner and receive an additional $15,000 for a total Grand Prize of $30,000. Plus, Ribbit will be awarding $10,000 in prizes to early submitters at three checkpoints along the way. We can’t wait to see what develops!

Participation in the Ribbit Killer App Challenge is completely FREE! Just follow the simple steps given in the below link and you’ll be on your way to possibly claiming some of our $100,000 in prize money! Hurry Up :)

Check the following link about this exciting new competition here: Ribbit – Killer App Challenge

Click here to learn more about how to compete and the benefits of submitting early.

Ribbit Killer App Challenge - Time Line

Good Luck to all participants!

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