Roku 3: better design, better technology

Roku is bringing it’s third generation console into the market with Roku 3. And cutomers have more than few things to be excited about. A brand new look, and a completely reworked interface.

Roku Streaming Player
Roku Streaming Player

Roku 3 has been described as; “the most powerful Roku streaming player to date,”.  The new console is packed with great features that include 1080p support, built-in dual-band WiFi, a new remote with motion control and an audio output for personal viewing, and a variety of Ethernet, USB and MicroSD ports. Now that’s exciting!. Changes have also been made in the hardware of the product, with mainly a a revamped UI, which can now accommodate over 750 channels!. Menu tweaks have also made a great impact on how the user will now interact with the device. The menu system now displays up to nine different channel icons at a time, & the screen interface is halved making it easy to search across platforms on the left and view their results on the right.

In addition to all the excitement, the product that has been priced at $99. Roku also announced upcoming channels with Fox Now, PBS and PBS Kids. There seems to be only advancement with this product, something users these days truly need, want and deserve. Roku 3 will be featuring substantially faster performance when browsing or changing apps.

Purchase of the product can be made on the official Roku website.

Information source: IGN

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