Sachin Tendulkar is now a member of Rajya Sabha!

After actors it is now cricketers who are trying their hand at politics. It will be a shocking surprise to you, when I reveal the name of the cricketer who has recently accepted nominations for a seat in Rajya Sabha. Ready for it? The name is……. Sachin Tendulkar. Surprised? Yes it is true that the master blaster has recently accepted a nomination for RS.

Sachin Tendulkar - A member of Rajya Sabha

Sachin Tendulkar – A member of Rajya Sabha

The cricket world is giving a mixed reaction to this sudden and unexpected decision of Sachin Tendulker. No one even in their wildest of dreams thought that this would be Sachin’s post retirement choice of career. Different people from the cricket world were asked to give their sage advice on this matter. Everyone gave a different reaction but one thing common among all was the shock at Tendulkar’s decision. Lets take a look at what some eminent people had to say about this. To start with former cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar said “Actually shocked by the story itself. First by the nomination as it came without any warning. And that Sachin has accepted it is even more shocking. “When I visualize what Sachin could possibly do after retirement, I thought something connected to cricket, coaching and all that, may be some business or social activity. But a Rajya Sabha MP after retirement or even at this stage of career is something that was not even my wildest guess,”

When the same question was posed to commentator Harsha Bhogle he said “Lot of people are now trying to get mileage out of Tendulkar. I am not sure if it is the greatest idea. If the idea is to honour Tendulkar by giving him a seat in Rajya Sabha that’s OK, but if you want to see Tendulkar as an active Parliamentarian, looking after social causes, and having a say in the future of this country, he does not have the experience.” Every one expected him to take up a career in cricket itself, but when it is contradicted I guess people will take time to accept and see him play an active role in Indian politics. Some believe that he has accepted this offer only to bring a change in the cricket world. Whatever his motive is, we wish Sachin Tendulkar all the luck in all walks of life.

Lets watch some eminent people reactions about this Sachin Tendulkar’s decision:

Rajdeep Sardesai on Tendulkar as MP:

Is Sachin Tendulkar being used as a political pawn by Congress?

Sachin Tendulkar nominated to Rajya Sabha:

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News Source:Manjrekar ‘shocked’ at Tendulkar accepting RS seat

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