Sachin Tendulkar wishes to bring changes in Sports as an MP!

The legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar recently took an oath as a member of the Rajya Sabha. From now on begins his new life as a member of the Parliament. He was nominated on the 27th of April and people had mixed opinions about this nomination. Some said its not a wise decision while others questioned if actors can try their luck at this why not cricketers.

Sachin Tendulkar The MP or The Cricketer?
Sachin Tendulkar The MP or The Cricketer?

After all the discussions the master blaster finally accepted this nomination but he says cricket is and will always be his first love. In fact he says being a member of Parliament is an attempt to bring changes not only in cricket but in the entire sports world. Ask him about this and he says “Cricket is my expertise. I would like to contribute to that field. I am a sportsman and I will always be a sportsman.”

As a member of Parliament Sachin Tendulkar is now entitled to new privileges. He gets to live in a palatial five bedroom house in Delhi at 5, Tughlaq Lane. Guess who is the new MP’s neighbor? Its none other than Mr Rahul Gandhi! Till date this house was the official residence of Vikram Verma, a Bharatiya Janata Party MP in Rajya Sabha, whose term has just ended and who is yet to vacate the house for the Tendulkars to step in.

Sachin Tendulkar takes oath as Rajya Sabha MP, keen on helping other sports:

In the list of his privileges is also included a Z plus security for the cricket as he is an international figure. He will also have more than 50 security personnel’s guarding his house both in Delhi and in Mumbai. Hope Sachin’s entrance into politics makes a difference as he expects. While we await the changes he is likely to bring I’d love to know your opinion on the whole issue. What do you prefer? Sachin Tendulkar- the cricketer or Sachin Tendulkar- the MP? I’ll be waiting for it.

Source: House for the MP: Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Gandhi could be neighbours and Sachin Tendulkar takes oath as Rajya Sabha MP

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