Sachin Tendulkar’s Hun’DREADS’ for India

I write this post with utmost respect and love for the greatest legend Sachin Tendulkar in the game of cricket. There are no records THE MASTER BLASTER has not bagged into his kitty and there are many more to come. We Indians are very superstitious lot and this has led to many stories and one such is being shared here. 90% of the Indian cricket crazy fans are excited when Sachin scores a 100 but deep down inside their heart they are bitten by this bug that whenever Sachin scored a 100 India had lost that crucial match.

Sachin Tendulkar - The Master Blaster in Indian Cricket History
Sachin Tendulkar - The Master Blaster in Indian Cricket History

The latest to prove is the encounter with South Africa in the preliminary league match on 13.3.2011.India were cruising towards a fantastic target around 400+ but the jokers, sorry chokers fell like nine pins and set a cheap target for the South Africans and they did it without much effort.

Here’s a look at Sachin’s ODI hundreds in losing causes:

Runs4s6sStrike RateInningsAgainstVenueDate
13785100.001Sri LankaDelhi2nd March 1996
1009190.091PakistanSingapore5th March 1996
1105179.711Sri LankaColombo28th August 1996
14395109.162AustraliaSharjah22nd April 1998
1013172.141Sri LankaSharjah20th October 2000
14615295.421ZimbabweJodhpur8th December 2000
1019078.291South AfricaJohannesburg5th October 2001
141171104.442PakistanRawalpindi16th March 2004
12312294.611PakistanAhmedabad12th April 2005
10010188.491PakistanPeshawar6th February 2006
141*13595.271West IndiesKuala Lumpur14th September 2006
175194124.112AustraliaHyderabad15th November 2009
11183109.901South AfricaNagpur12th March 2011

Out of the 93 times Sachin Tendulkar has scored a fifty, India have secured 56 wins while ending up on the losing side 35 times. Two games yielded no results. Digging deeper, India has won 28 times whenever Sachin has scored between 70 to 99.

Although I do not blame the master blaster for the losses but as we say DIL HAI KI MAANTA NAHIN.Not only this the record of Yuvraj and Sehwag is much better compared to Sachin’s. Whenever they have scored more than 50 Indian went onto win. It’s also said that Whenever the legendary Gundappa Vishwanath scored a century India went onto win that Test Match.

Sachin also says that he feels more happy whenever India wins and his score does not matter . This legend is 100%team man and contribute in every aspect of the game. This world cup 2011 might be the last one for the master and this is the time all the overpaid paper tigers like Dhonis, Rainas, Munafs, Nehras, Chawlas should realign their goal to give a fitting tribute this GREATEST LEGEND OF WORLD CRICKET.

I pray for India’s world cup win and again another superstition that is against is NO HOST COUNTRY HAS EVER WON THE WORLD CUP.

Can India and Sachin break this Jinx? Keeping my fingers crossed!

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