Salman Khan driving the success for Dus ka Dum?

After the IPL, entertainment has got a new addition with Sony starting a new show “Dus Ka Dum” which has already created lot of interest. Salman Khan made his debut on the small screen with “Dus Ka Dum” which is based on the International show “Power of 10” hosted by award winning comedian Drew Carey. This show is very unique in terms of the fact that an individual does not require a knowledge base and an educational qualification to be a part of this show. The only thing needed is that the players have to think like an Indian ,i.e. like a common man or the audience in the show!

Dus Ka Dum
Dus Ka Dum

The format of the show is such that a question would be asked, the answer to which would be the average percentage of a mass opinion poll conducted across India. If the contestants guess the correct answer in accordance with the collective opinion of India, they would start winning from a starting amount of ten thousand rupees and the answers given by the contestants will make them rich or poor by the power of tens.

Dus Ka Dum like other shows “Kaun Banega Crorepati” or “Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain” has starting inviting celebrities like Aamir Khan and also the very interesting look alike of Salman Khan, Yuvraj Singh and many others.

Dus Ka Dum
Dus Ka Dum

The best part of “Dus Ka Dum” is that it is not a quiz unlike “Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain” or a “Kaun Banega Crorepati” which required a certain knowledge quotient on the part of the contestants. Salman is seen to build a close bond with the participants by using local lingo such as “Chaap Do” instead of “lock kar diya jaye” or “Freeze kar diya jaye” which were used by Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan respectively in Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Salman has established a very good connect with the’ common man’ of India and the same reflects in the degree of comfort of the contestants who shed their inhibitions once they play the game with him! He to a great extent has carved a niche’ for himself in the Indian television’s reality shows by his novel and down to earth approach.

Dus Ka Dum - Salman Khan
Dus Ka Dum - Salman Khan

As the show requires contestants to think like the people of India, so it gives an opportunity for the masses of India to be a part of this show and aim to win the highest prize money offered on any Game Show in India.

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  1. Hi… Dus ka dum is indeed a great show.. Very beautifully hosted by Hunk Salman Khan. Its fun watching and see people winning .. I am waiting now for my turn to come fact to face with Salman and empty the tijori of Sony Entertainment. They are not asking questions these days? Thats the saddest part . Dus ka Dum mein bahut dum hai. Hail Salman! Salman Tussi Great Ho!!!!!!!!

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  3. Hello Dus ka Dum Team

    Please call me also. I realy want play this show and can do something.

    Sunil Thakur

  4. I want to play Dus Ka Dam, how I can particpate in this game, please call me I want to meet you & play Dus Ka Dam

  5. I want to play Dus Ka Dam, how I can particpate in this game, please call me I want to meet you & play Dus Ka Dam

  6. hii
    this is rinky ..i want to play dus ka dam not to earn money but to meet salman…….how to participate in this game…please give me a chance to participate…………….

  7. Hi,
    i want to know when this show will satrt next …..see thsi blog activity should be reall so i want an answer….

  8. dear salman bhai i am a big fan of yours and never ever missed any of your movies despite of my hectic job.frankly speaking i never admired you as an actor superstar but as a superstar actor.your mere presence in a movie make it watching worthwhile.i thought i started knowing you better with time.but thank allah you always proved me wrong for good reasons.first your acting in Hum Dil …. and TERE NAAM was awesome.then your english accent (MARIGOLD),i think one of the best in industry,and at last DUS KA DUM!.trully i was very nervous and not upbeat about your hosting of the show as already comparisons were made with other actors and their shows to yous.but i salute again proved me gracefully and humbly you carried on the show and dealt with different strata of society .i am very happy.hope you keep proving me wrong for good reasons……

  9. Hi , I want to participate in your show, pls guide me as to how to proceed with the same. You can contact me on my office no – 30364723 from (11.00 a.m to 7.00 p.m.) or Alt no 9833521403. I really need this break to change my life and i couldn’t have got a better platform than your show. Awaiting ur call…………..

  10. Hi salman jani i m biggest of you in a whole world my request is please one time come in pakistan because i will meet you if you come in pakistan so please contect me..00923332720910

  11. salman khan is my best and favourite hero i m one of his biggest fan.i like and love salman khan from my core of heart while he is acting in film or any reality show like “Dus Ka Dum”…

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