Samjhauta express blast..another soft target


The blasts in the Samjhauta express rocked the entire world and in particular India and Pakistan. The bombs exploded in the evening hours when the passengers were asleep and virtually ‘sitting ducks’. A shameful and a heinous act of terror which needs to be condemned on all fronts, an act which takes the lives of innocent people is not justified from any angle, no matter how important the cause.

The blasts again have opened up a few issues about which I spoke when the Mumbai serial blasts happened. The first and the primary is the issue of security in Indian railways. The huge network and the number of people using the railways makes it one of the most preferred target for a militant group or a terror attack. Compounding the misery is the lack of appropriate security at the railway stations which enables people to carry any stuff without a check or surveillance.

A classic example of this is a live instance in Mumbai. I was travelling from Dadar to CST station at around 10:00 am in the morning and one can imagine the rush during the peak hour. People poured into the train from all quarters and all that one could fine was a ‘sea of humans’ around. Now in this scenario had a terrorist embarked on the train and planted a bomb, the securities would have been in no position to track or even monitor. Let’s face it, there is a huge gap in the security measures in the railways of our country and this is heightened by the huge population. This however cannot be taken as an excuse and the Government needs to increase its workforce and sharpen its network.

The vast network of the Indian railways on the one hand is a boon for the denizens of the nation while on the other also serves to the apt target for militant attacks. This is the second instance and as of now no clues have been recovered from the site of blasts which could lead to the miscreants who caused the blasts.

The writing is on the wall –It is time to act. Let’s show the terrorists that we can counter their attacks by being vigilant and careful. But the first step in that regard needs to come from the Government which needs to seriously consider the security issues in railways and government establishment which involves the burgeoning population of India.

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