Samsung’s C-Lab projects take technology to an all-new level!

CES 2017 - Samsung C-Lab - Lumini, S-Skin, Tag+

Products from Samsung needn’t always be to entertain you and provide communication. They can even add extra functionality for your kids’ toys and also pamper you with some skincare.

Read on to figure out how. It is an idea that came from the Creative Lab or the C-Lab as it’s popularly known. For those unaware of the C-Lab, it will be interesting to know that it is a start-up business program developed in 2012 by Samsung. It is an initiative aimed at tapping unique ideas from its employees.

The C-Lab projects will be brought before the world during the CES 2017 at Eureka Park and when you see them, you will realize that they are all you ever wanted. Let’s start by talking about Tag+. It is a unique electronic device that connects your kid’s toy to an app on your smartphone.

This connection helps the toy provide different responses to clicking, pressing, bumping, or shaking. It is a nice way to keep your kid interested in one toy for a long time, isn’t it?

What else does Samsung have in store for you? S-Skin is the answer to this question. As the name suggests, it is a device that helps you deal with dermatological problems. It is a set of two devices, including a microneedle patch and a portable device.

The microneedle patch penetrates the skin to check the redness, hydration, and melanin of the skin, in order to provide appropriate care through the LED light. That’s not it! The device also saves the condition of the skin in an app for future reference.

But how do you know if there’s a problem with your skin? For this, Samsung gives you the Lumini. It is an interesting device that can instantly detect the problem with your skin. For instance, if you take a picture of your face with Lumia, it will check for pimples, freckles, increased pores, redness, and sebum. This way you can get to know of skin problems much in advance.

This is not all! There’s much more coming your way. The CES 2017 will exhibit 5 more projects by Samsung. These include the award-winning MANGOSLAB, a smart printer; Jameasy, an instrument that helps your practice acoustic musical instruments; MOPIC, a smart cover that helps you view 3D content without those painfully huge glasses; Analogue Plus, a hands-free device for a headgear; and finally WELT, a fashionable healthcare device. With so many unique devices Samsung has definitely become the second name of innovation. What say?

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