Samsung Galaxy S4 Active the rugged version of S4

Samsung is everywhere, it’s difficult to escape it, be it the promo adverts or fans carrying around their phones and tablets. And while the Korean tech giant likes to serve its consumers with everything, they’re moving the ruggedised phones direction and are reportedly prepping a rugged version of Galaxy S4.

Rugged version of Samsung Galaxy S4
Rugged version of Samsung Galaxy S4

The Wall Street Journal has been top of this news, Samsung will be releasing a ruggedised version of the Galaxy S4 and naming it Galaxy S4 Active. This product is going to be water proof and dust proof. The design inspiration for it will be derived from Galaxy S 4. The device is expected to be released in July of 2013. The fact to note is this isn’t a rumor, or hype, in the recent release of Galaxy S4 in the Dubai (UAE), President of Samsung Gulf Electronics Mr. Young Soo Kim confirmed that the Galaxy S4 active is on its way into the market. Even though the two featured mentioned by him, are those the Sony Xperia Z already possess. We’ll just have to wait for the end product and see what edge the Samsung will have over Sony Xperia Z.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Water and Dust Resistant Variant Not a Rumour

Ruggedised phones are the future, we need to have phones that can handle some rough times, especially with the touch screens and high prices. What do you think of this move by Samsung?

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  1. A ruggedized Android tablet (ideally with an inductive charger) would be
    fantastic for poolside control lights, music, and video.

  2. There is no need to introduction the Samsung brand. It is
    self resonate the mind about galaxy series phones, recently lunched galaxy s4
    create the excitement in mobile user for his fabulous feature, look and feel.
    S4 has richest feature in his contemporary handset and the Sim free cost f the
    handset about £499.

    This attractive device, even before it is scoring the hearts
    of a significant number, while the others are wrecking their nerves on
    predictions about the characteristics. Well whatever it perhaps, Samsung Galaxy
    S4 is surely the talk of the real experience of the style. A Smartphone must
    look out for!

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