Samsung NX3000 Camera pats on the selfie obsession

Samsung has added a20 megapixels budget camera in its NX serious for the selfie obsessed consumer. Taking pics have shifted its realm from pictures of others to pictures of self, and consumers are willing to purchase a camera that satisfies their selfie thirst. Enter The NX3000, an upgraded version of its mirror-less cameras and was announced on May 8th.

The NX3000 camera has been made keeping in mind some simple solutions to consumer usage issues with cameras. It goes back to relying more on hardware controls than on touchscreen controls, similar to the NX1000. This smart camera has many features like a 20.3MP APS-C sensor that can record 1080p videos that are similar to its two predecessors. The screen has got down in size from 3.7” to 3”, resolution has been upgraded to a HVGA screen, which the NX 1000 and NX 2000 didn’t support. The size of the camera remains pretty much the same 117.4 × 65.9 × 39.0 (26.8)mm, however a new kit lens has been added. The camera can snap photos at 1/4,000s shutter speed and supports 5fps continuous shooting which is fairly good.

Samsung NX300 Camera Overview:

Coming to the main attraction of the camera – the selfie experience – NX3000 has a flip-up LCD screen display that goes a full 180 degrees, there are special settings for self-portraits which were also found in the recently announced NX mini. The camera automatically turns on when the LCD screen is flipped; this saves the hassle of reaching for the power button and makes taking pictures super-fast. The marquee feature is the flip-up LCD, which gives selfie lovers the perfect way to set up a high-quality shot of themselves. An interesting self-mode feature of the camera automatically airbrushes your selfies by default. You can also set it up to snap your selfie either after a 3-second countdown, when you smile or when you wink at the camera. For transferring those fabulous photos the camera has Wi-Fi and passive NFC capability.

The NX3000 also packs a 2,330-mAh lithium-ion battery, which is better than its predecessors; a fully charged battery should be able to take 370 photos or 185 minutes of video. The new camera will support a light sensitivity range of between ISO 100 and ISO 25,600, which is practically night vision, but camera users know those pictures aren’t that usable anyway it’s a good option to have. There’s no doubt thatNX3000 is the slowest of cameras in the NX range. It is aimed to be a budget friendly camera that does the job of selfie satisfaction with fairly good quality pictures and camera features.

The stylish looking Samsung NX3000 will be available for purchase from June 1st 2014, with three color selections; white, black and a brown faux-leather effect. 16-50mm optical image stabilized (OIS) power zoom lens for $529 or with a 20-50mm zoom lens for $479. Both bundles come with an external SEF-8 flash. The camera also comes with a free copy of Adobe’s Lightroom 5.

For more detailed Samsung NX3000 Camera specifications visit Samsung SMART Camera NX3000 Blends Retro Design, Excellent Performance and Easy Connectivity

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