Samsung to launch mirrorless camera on June 20th

Samsung is going to officially show case their new ‘mirrorless’ camera in the company’s forthcoming event in London on the 20th of June 2013. This camera is a sequel to their Google Android based software.

Samsung Mirrorless Galaxy Camera 2
Samsung Mirrorless Galaxy Camera 2

This is a sure confirm news from Samsung’s CEO Shin Jong-kyun himself. He was quoted in Korea Times announcing the introduction of this new Android based mirrorless camera. Now, understanding the mirrorless genre the camera will basically have an interchangeable lens system,which will make the new Samsung Galaxy Camera similar to their NX range of cameras. Quality of shooting will definitely be higher and the technology more intriguing. The camera will be providing professional results like a DSLR in the size of a compact digital camera. Since the company is not giving more details about the product in terms of having an interchangeable lens system or not, we will just have to wait till the 20th to know more.

Samsung is for sure trying to upgrade their quality of cameras by introducing newer, better technology in order to satisfy the growing consumer needs. This is one of the most interesting camera line ups Samsung has produced this year, and with the mirrorless Android software based camera, there seems to be great promises made by the company.

June 20th, we camera lovers await you.

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