Sania & Bhupati win in Australian Open 2009.. takes two to tango?

Sania Mirza & Mahesh Bhupathi won the Mixed double event in Australian Open 2009 bringing glory to the nation. The duo defeated Andy Ram And Nathalie Dechy 6-3 6-1 to win the coveted trophy.

Sania Mirza and Mahesh Bhupathi - Image Courtesy
Sania Mirza and Mahesh Bhupathi - Image Courtesy

However, Sania failed to advance in the women’s single tournament in Australian Open. The loss questioned whether she is tough enough to reign supreme in the singles event or would she have to settle for doubles or mixed doubles?

Her hopes in this year’s Autralian Open were dashed when she was defeated by Nadia Petrova in the second round. The loss not only raises questions regarding Sania’s Singles future but also asks whether she would be able to reign in the big league. As far as her career goes, it took a dip due to the injury she sustained and it was in this Australian Open that she made a comeback to the international circuit.

Though Sania has promised a lot, she has been found wanting against the top league players. A few upsets did bring her to the spotlight but they were not good enough to help her break into the top league. The promise she showed receded into the background when some glaring gaps in her game surfaced which overshadowed her strengths such as forehand. These gaps have hindered Sania’s advance in the Grand slam as a Grand Slam requires a player to be technically sound and physically fit. A combination of the two is what leads her to a podium finish. Mental toughness and clinical precision in the game are also required to win accolades.

Sania needs to revisit her game and decide whether she would want to become a formidable doubles player or become the queen in the singles arena. One would have to admit that the singles event is certainly tough and is considered as a yardstick of an individual’s competency and mettle over the doubles or mixed doubles event.

Would Sania be able to break into the big league of Singles event or would she settle for doubles crown? What do u feel?

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