Save your Heart from those dangerous Anti Depressants!

Are you depressed? Think twice before you reach out for those anti-depressants… They could kill you!

According to recent research, those who take anti-depressants are more prone to a stroke than those who don’t.

Anti Depressants or Silent Killers?
Anti Depressants are Silent Killers?

After a thorough study of the past 28 types of research experts have estimated that there are 106 extra cases of stroke per 1,00000 depressed people out of which approximately 28 are fatal.

Although it has not been proved yet experts believe that these anti-depressants are a cause of concern in this matter. A Pan a researcher at Harward School of Public Health says that the use of anti-depressants might just be an indicator of severe depression ultimately leading to a stroke.

However, it is not confirmed by any authority regarding this issue which still lies under research. This information is based on the publications in the journal of the American Medical Association after observing 317,000 people for 2 to 29 years.

So next time you feel low remember my word and stay away from these silent killers which are sure to take away your life even if they have no effect on your feelings. Take Care!

Source: Depressed People Have Slightly More Strokes

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