ScreenLeap – Instant screen sharing with no download or installation!

ScreenLeap is one click screen sharing solution with any browser, no signups or no downloads or no installations required, just open their website and click on ‘Share your screen button’ and share your desktop by sharing the dynamic code generated – its that simple. This tiny, simple and effective screen sharing service can be used by anyone who just only have a little knowledge of internet.

Instant Screen Sharing | Screenleap
Instant Screen Sharing | Screenleap

I am sure there are many people who don’t want to download any tools or software’s but looking for an instant solution for the one they are looking for, yes I am also one among these.

It’s really good to see a service which don’t need any installation or signup etc. These days people are not even registering, we just click either connect with Facebook or Twitter or with some single sign-on, this ScreenLeap service doesn’t required that either. One can even watch the desktop screen share in mobile or tablet browsers. Hope they will launch mobile and tablet screen sharing too – right now we can just only new the screen share done via desktop but can’t share the tablet or mobile screens.

So go-ahead and start ScreenLeap’ing and share your desktop – useful in many ways and why not share your experience or quick reviews about this cool service.

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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