Seal Recycled Tire Speaker, for the music lover in you!

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a gadget freak, I have a suggestion. The Seal Recycled Tire Speaker is something any gadget lover will instantly fall in love with. Read on to find out why.

This unique gadget is a 21 inch speaker made with the material of a tire, in the same shape. Once you bring the Seal Tire Speaker home, you become the owner of the most unique gadget, among all your friends. The list of its interesting features is endless. This full range speaker comes with Bluetooth connectivity or Aux cable, which means you can now listen to the songs on your phone through this speaker with amazing sound quality.

It is not just an enhancement to your music and mood. The Seal Recycled Tire Speaker takes care of the environment too. True to its name, it has been given an eco-friendly design. A huge tire with a speaker fit inside it, the Seal Recycled Tire Speaker weighs 11kgs and is 525 x 525 x 200mm (21 x 21 x 8″) in size. It also comes with stereo mini plug and an AC adapter.

This fun filled device can be yours only for $705. If you would like a custom stand for the Seal Recycled Tire Speaker, be ready to pay another 44 dollars for that. I would say the device is worth your money. Once you order it, you will have to wait not more than 10-12 days for it to be delivered at your door step. So, gift the Seal Recycled Tire Speaker to the music lover in you.

Published by Kruti Beesam

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