Season of ‘remakes’ in Bollywood!…

Bollywood is witnessing a rather paradoxical trend! On the one hand, directors are experimenting with new scripts and stories and on the other we are seeing remakes of classics and superhit movies from the bygone era.

srkii.jpgash.jpgTwo new movies Don and Umraoo Jaan hit theatres in these two months, the latter released last week. The box office collection of Don, which is a remake of the superhit movie by Don (1978, screenplay Javed Akhtar) has not shown too much promise much to the dismay of the director who visualised the movie in a different tone and color! Shahrukh wears ties inside his shirt, looks sophisticated and trendy in his suits and the movie on the whole has a glossy look!

amit.jpgThe Don of the 70’s was portrayed by the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan whose dialogue rendition, acting and the story made the movie a blockbuster. In the remake it is Shah Rukh Khan who dawns this role of Don. It would be unfair to compare the two as the remake is a ‘director’s take’ on the old movie, in other words his visualization of the old movie.

SRK.jpgThese kinds of remakes open door to some new sort of experimentation where in people get to see a new movie on the lines of an old one. With a star cast comprising heroes and heroines from the present generation, such remakes intrigues the viewers to see & feel the new look of the movies!

Given the super duper hits that the movies such as Don and Umrao Jaan were I guess it becomes an uphill for the directors of the remakes to match and outlive the classics. The old movies such as Don and Umrao Jaan have been ingrained in the audience mind and it is very difficult to unseat them from the pedestal which the audience has placed them.

sholay.jpgAnd guess what, another remake is in the pipeline. And it is the turn of Sholay to be recast into a new mould, the potter/ director this time being –Ram Gopal Varma. The movie is dear to many, for some the dialogues made it unforgettable, for some it was the songs and for some it was the well knit story and the superb performance of the actors.

amjad.jpgsholay amit.jpgA new star cast and new setting, Sholay (remake) has Amitabh Bachchan playing the role of dacoit ‘gabbar’ this time. That is indeed a real change to say the least! From a reticent Jay whose romance with Jaya Bhaduri was immortalized by Sippy last time, Amitabh’s new role as gabbar does intrigue the masses! This could be one reason which could make people watch this remake and get good box office earnings for the movie! Finally one would have to watch the way Ram Gopal Varma makes his version of Sholay to see ‘ Kitne aadmi the’ theatre mein!!

All said and done, a few movies become precious to a generation owing to the sentiments, story and performance of the actors. In that light when a remake of a movie is made, audience relives the old memories and willingly or unwillingly a comparison does come into play!!! Tough for remakes, I wish them all the best!

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