Selena Gomez inspired by bhangra for her new album come and get it!

Whenever I have doubts about my success I listen to Who Says which is a beautiful and an encouraging song by a talented woman who calls herself Selena Gomez! You could be wondering why these are the beginning lines of the article.

Selena Gomez - Stars Dance
Selena Gomez – Stars Dance

Selena Gomez Stars Dance: Album Trailer

My explanation to this is that this talented actress and singer makes it a point to reach out to her Indian audiences specifically. Otherwise how should you and I know about a singer from the west when we are already overwhelmed by Bollywood and Tollywood music? Besides all that I have mentioned Indian audience lately has become an attraction to the western singers and this talented young lady is no exception.

Selena Gomez – Slow Down (Official Lyric Video)

The importance the American star gives the Indian audience is revealed by the fact that she has created a special trailer targeting her Indian fans. If this is not enough to make you feel good let me tell you that the latest album she is promoting has a touch of Indian Music to it. It has been said that the singer was inspired by the Punjabi Bhangra and could help incorporating in her new album Come and Get It! Universal Music India officially represents the artist in our country.

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