Sharetronix an opensource Micro-Blogging Platform

Sharetronix, an open-source multimedia micro blogging tool or platform which helps people in a community, company, or group to exchange short messages like asking questions, sharing media, status messages etc. from all over the Web.

And was launched by Blogtronix as an open-source tool. Yes you heard it right – it is an open-source, so you can download in your own server or integrate in your existing site as an additional feature to have a quick connectivity with your community, company or group of members to exchange messages quickly.

Sharetronix an opensource Micro-Blogging Platform

Sharetronix powers more than 1.5K micro-social communities available in 12 languages across 74 countries. If you loved this and looking for more additional features, then they even have a professional version called BlogtronixMicro.

The main features of BlogtronixMicro includes, Secure Private Network, Allowing Multimedia Attachments, Organize your content with Groups and Tags, an Mobile Version, additional e-mail domains, full statistics of group members activities, filtering IP’s and more.

So go and try their Free version to have it in your own site or you could check their online demo to understand more about this cool ShareTronix an open-source Micro-Blogging Platform.

Published by Sravan Kumar Kandagatla

Sravan is the Founder of WittySparks, a global content publishing platform that offers witty stories and information across multiple industry domains. Under his leadership, WittySparks today has become a go-to destination for in-depth knowledge of healthcare, business, and marketing topics. Besides, Sravan is a highly experienced web designer, developer, and user experience designer. You can connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn and initiate a chat.

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