Sheena Morjaria Invited to Represent the UK Film Industry!

Whoever said a women should be confined to the four walls of her house has been proved wrong in every stage of life and now again time has come to remind the world of a woman’s capabilities. Today I’m going to narrate to you the story of Sheena Morjaria – founder and CEO of Mumbai-based boutique film studio FLICK THE SWITCH which was invited to be a part of the UKTI delegation visiting the SXSW festival.

Sheena Morjoria makes India proud as she gets invited to one of UK’s film business - Flick the Switch!
Sheena Morjoria makes India proud as she gets invited to one of UK’s film business – Flick the Switch!

You might ask why I decided to dedicate this article to her. Here’s why! This lady has been invited to be part of the annual music, film and interactive conference and festival is currently taking place until March 16th in Austin.

The South by Southwest Festival is where the worlds of original music, independent films and emerging technologies gain reputation and become known to the world. It may not be as popular as the other well known International Film Festivals but it created its own importance when big names like Snoop Dogg and Owen Wilson were spotted at the festival last year and this year Slumdog Millionaire Director Danny Boyle and Matthew McConaughey both attended to promote their forthcoming films.  The government of the United Kingdom decided to support and encourage new business relationships across the water. This ultimately led to The UKTI initiative called the Platinum Collection which aimed at identifying like-minded partner businesses attending the Festival and book meetings for UK Platinum Collection delegates.

Let us now take a look at what Event Manager at UKTI has to say on this occasion. Philippa McEvoy says

The Platinum Connection supplies a platform to place UK innovators at a competitive advantage to others at the event. The service has become the flagship of UK Trade & Investment’s support for UK businesses at SXSW.

Being a producer herself Sheena’s boutique studio in Mumbai not only develops independent and unique Indian cinema but also funds International Films that have Asian centric edge. Now that’s a huge contribution to Indian Cinema don’t you think?

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