Shopitize – Your personal shopping assistant!

Shopping is always a laborious, time consuming and tiresome process because everyone is not a shopaholic! Wont it be great if you had something to simplify this process? Well then let me introduce you to Shopitize, an App that helps you buy your necessities while saving your time and money.

Shopitize - Powering Savvy Shoppers
Shopitize – Powering Savvy Shoppers

Lets find out how it exactly works to achieve this goal. Once you click a snap of your shopping receipt you have nothing to worry about for the rest of your life. This smart App stores your input on your phone and reminds you of the things you need each time you go shopping.

This unique idea took birth in UK in the year 2010 in the mind of Alan Griffiths to help people buy something that is healthy and some thing that they like. In simple terms it tells them whether their favorite brand is worth their money or not. “The proposed initiative is flawed,” says Shopitize co-founder and director Alexey Andriyanenko. “The organization – centric approach being proposed fails to account for the fact that people shop in different stores, meaning that the government could be unable to piece together a truly accurate picture of individuals’ shopping habits.”

He added “Through its mobile web apps and engagement platform, Shopitize provides a tool for consumers to analyze their own purchasing activity.”

This unique App has also found place as the semi finalist in the Cisco British Innovation Gateway [BIG]. What’s more? Soon you will find yourself taking advice from something that is recognized as the best by the world. Have you downloaded the App on your phone yet? Hurry! Its time you simplify life…..

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