Skylar Laine ended Her journey in American Idol with Grace!

It’s hard to accept when your suddenly drop down after reaching very close to the zenith. Most people shed endless tears on such occasions and make the overall atmosphere very heavy. There’s lot of crying disappointment. This a regular look on a reality show after elimination of a contestant. But there are a few who exit with grace. These are the ones who see a ray of hope behind every hopeless situation. Similar was the attitude of Skylar Laine who was eliminated after reaching the top five in the popular reality show American Idol.

Skylar Laine Accepts Defeat With Grace in American Idol
Skylar Laine Accepts Defeat With Grace in American Idol

She had received good remarks from the judges but couldn’t secure the required number of votes to sustain the competition. During her struggle gain the title of the American Idol Laine was immensely appreciated by the judges. Sometimes they called her fearless and at other times she was called a wild horse who refuses to be tamed.

American Idol 2012 Top 5 Results Show – Skylar Laine VOTED OFF :-(

American Idol Elimination: Skylar Laine Gets the Boot

Such was her potential but suddenly on Thursday night everything changed for this 18 year old when host Ryan Seacrest announced the end of her journey on this show. She accepted this with grace and said she was looking forward to a duet with Justin Moore. The judges were filled with words of encouragement for this young talent. They said she was born to make a mark in the music industry. With this elimination America got a little more closer to finding its idol.

Now we have Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet, Philip Philips and Jessica Sanchez competing for the title of the American Idol. Now lets see who among these young talents makes it to the finishing line. Whom do you think will win the American Idol?

Source: ‘American Idol’ ousts Skylar Laine and determines season’s Top 4

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