Slotomania Free Slots Games Review

Slotomania - FREE Slots Games

Playtika’s Slotomania Free Slots could not have come at a better time for people with an affinity for playing online slot games. This iPhone and Android application can be a complete experience of Las Vegas slot games.

In fact, it is better than that because people do not have to travel any place, spending on flights, wasting time at the airports for flights, etc. Even the graphics of these online slot games are similar to many of those gaming joints. Slotomania is certainly one of the best free video slots games around as of now, and the best thing about it is it can be played with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

How it Works?

There are slot machines that are expected as the name reflects itself. But the advantage is there are several such virtual machines and games so that people can bet on several such machines instead of only one. There are more than 20 games to choose from.

The first game each day is of the house, sort of! Winning allows people to unlock the next game and so on. It is, however, possible to unlock those games by paying some real money. That purchase helps to improve on levels of the game.

Players can send or receive gifts. Gifts here refer to free spins or coins in these games. Or they can pay for those spins. Free spins gifted to friends on social networks might help somebody feel better in the dumps. Winning a jackpot here is like winning in any other online video slot game or offline gaming dens.

But the thrill of winning is the reward, especially when it is not easy. In fact, that is what makes this online video slot special since people who win feel ecstatic because of such rare wins. Many other slot games make winning seem easy, and while they too do not offer any monetary returns, after some time, the novelty wears off.

Why should you Play Slotomania?

Slotomania Free Slots qualifies as one of the best games to be downloaded while spending free time. Since it does not require much concentration and leaving the game halfway would not really matter, it can be one of the best applications to use while waiting for any flight or other reasons. It certainly helps people relax, unlike some other games that are more violent in nature and eventually lead to stress.

The graphics of this application are extraordinary. The application is extremely user-friendly. Music too is excellent and unobtrusive. It can be a great application for familiarizing with slot machines and other games found in casinos.

What’s New?

Playtika intends to add new gaming options from time to time. This means the online slots gaming application can have a new type of game included periodically. New games can keep people interested and entertained.

The new game LUCKY DERBY has been introduced, allowing the players to win the Golden Horseshoe bonus. Moreover, with the new update, the bugs are fixed to enjoy the quick spins.


Slotomania gaming application is absolutely free, which means people can download this on iPhones and other iOS-based devices and play the game until they exhaust their daily free coins or spins.

Moreover, they can always buy more and utilize the time to normally waste getting tense about something or staring at runways, waiting for flight announcements. It can help overcome the urge to bet, too, since the facility is available 365 days, and 24/7 and one can play without real money.

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