SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE screening for the underprivileged children

“Special Screening of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE” organized for the underprivileged children of society by Robin Raina Foundation.

Recently Robin Raina Foundation organized the special screening of “SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE” at Spice World, Noida. The show was specially organized for the underprivileged children of the society who are residing in various SLUMS of Delhi and children of Raina-Shine School. Robin Raina Foundation is working for the upliftment of the standard of these slums with focus area of SLUM JJ COLONY for last ten years. The special show was attended by 250 children and Robin Raina (Founder, Robin Raina Foundation) himself.

Robin Raina with underprivileged children during special screening of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE organised by Robin Raina Foundation at Spice World Noida4
Robin Raina with underprivileged children during special screening of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE organised by Robin Raina Foundation at Spice World Noida4

Children enjoyed the movie. They said it was fun watching this movie which is related to real life. The presentation of real life through reel life is excellent and they all thanked Robin Raina for organizing the exclusive show. Some of them looked inspired by the movie and said the way it is approached in the movie is worth inspiring and we’ll try to live better life in future. During the screening children took pledge that like their Robin uncle they will help the slums and underprivileged.

On this occasion Robin Raina said, the film is related to real life and is inspiring one for these children, the slum children can do well, keeping in mind the same we have organised this show. He further added such movies which represent the truth of the country should be made more often because the truth can’t hide for long. He said our foundation is under process for 6000 homes for these slum dwellers which will be provided free of cost and recently we have given 325 homes to various people. He appealed children to get inspired by the movie.

Robin Raina is one of the few Business folks whose leadership in business circles and social philanthropy both is an example that is hard to follow. In spite of running a very successful business enterprise (the Ebix group of companies that trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol EBIX) with a market capitalization of around $400 million world wide, he has dedicated his life to public service. He has today emerged as a rather complete human being who has excelled in every field that he has gone into, while still keeping a balance and pioneering the cause of charity.

Under Robin’s leadership, the company has delivered one of the highest returns on shareholder investment, in recent US stock market history. The company has clocked shareholder return of 4,720 % in the last five years. Every $1000 invested in Ebix stock five years back is worth $47,200 today.

He is known for his oft repeated statement about charity – “I want to make charity fashionable and cool.” A philanthropist, Robin Raina has emerged as the voice of the have-nots worldwide with his single minded dedication to providing hope to the under privileged sections of the society. Today, his foundation has adopted in excess of 3500 children across the Indian sub continent in addition to presently carrying out the largest private charity initiative in the Indian sub-continent, in terms of building 6000 homes free of cost for the underprivileged.

He started the Robin Raina Foundation (RRF), that today supports thousands of children in India, in terms of their education, food, shelter and medical needs. He recently conceptualized and started a $15 million project to build 6000 concrete homes for slum dwellers in Bawana in North Eastern Delhi. These slum dwellers have been living in make-shift huts and temporary structures where they were subject to the elements of nature as well as to accidents like fires which burned down their homes and their belongings. There were several catastrophic fires in the slums last year. In this project, RRF is providing free brick and concrete homes for these slum dwellers. RRF expects to build 600 homes by the end of this year and a few thousand homes in the next couple of years. The possession of 216 homes has already been given to the slum dwellers. Towards this effort, Robin has personally donated $2 million recently. This is in addition to his normal donations every year that run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Robin has lead the effort to champion the cause of the under-privileged by one, leading the effort to help by being directly involved and leading the effort on all fronts. He can be seen in the slums talking to mothers, dads, old people and if needed picking up bricks to make all the volunteers believe in the cause. With multitudes of public service projects running across India, Pakistan and United States, Robin is known as an extremely secular person.

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