Smooth or anti-alias font in Windows, Firefox, IE

Anti-Alias Problem

All of a sudden my system started displaying rough/jagged text or font. So was just wondering why I am facing this text or font smooth or anti-alias rendering problem in my system. As usually checked system display properties, resolution settings, graphic card, etc., looks everything is fine. Then started to google about text or font anti-aliasing to render the text soft/smooth.

And I found in one of the support forms, says the problem is with the Cleartype text or font settings. Just follow these steps to enable Cleartype for smooth edges for screen fonts:

Go to Desktop -> Right Click -> Display Properties -> Appearance -> Effects

Then enable “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts:” choose ClearType as your option and then apply the settings, that’s it you are done. Now the windows, Firefox and IE displays the text or font properly rendered with smooth or soft edges :)

Check the same in the below screenshot:

ClearType Font Anti-Alias settings
ClearType Font Anti-Alias settings

Was wondering why I am not facing the same problem in IE, looks like IE7 uses ClearType by default, but you need to turn it on system-wide for other programs to use it in Windows XP. It’s cool right :)

Just thought to share this simple trick with you all, might be the minor one but

if you are not aware of it then guess :)

To know more about ClearType check the following links:
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ClearType – Wikipedia
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Share the same with the techies, if they are facing the same problem…..

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