SMS monitoring with SMS spy software, XNSPY

An important issue that’s prevalent amongst teens these days is sexting. Hormones spike and lack of control on emotions result in poor choices. One way these kids can experiment with their sexuality is by making conversations with others over texts. They may share stuff that should only be kept to themselves. But peer pressure and fantasies can make them do things that are risky and dangerous for their future.

Parents can monitor their kids’ texting with SMS spy software XNSPY.

Why do teens engage in sexting?

Puberty brings an overnight change in the behavior of teens. The response is natural in the form of sexual excitement but it can also cause serious damage to their reputation when they use texting to express their awakening urges.

SMS monitoring is the solution

Parents can engage discussions with their kids about the hazards of sexting. But that’s not enough, they should resort to SMS spying using a software. Technology is bringing new ways for kids to interact and open channels for activities that weren’t previously available. An app like XNPSY can monitor any Android or iOS device.

Installation and features

Parents will require to install XNSPY in their kids’ devices. For that, they will be required physical access to their smartphones or tablets. After that, they can track phone logs like calls, SMS, contact, emails and calendar entries. Teenagers don’t rely on SMS alone for their conversations, IM apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Skype and iMessage are also used for the purpose. Therefore, XNSPY also provides tracking of all the aforementioned instant messaging apps.

Your teens’ conversations with anonymous people can be turn more dangerous when they agree on a meeting with strangers. If you doubt that your kids can go that far, you can track their real-time location with XNSPY’s GPS tracking services. If location tracking is not enough, you can view location history of your kids for learning about their whole day’s visits.

This SMS spying software can also access all the media shared over IM apps or stored in the target device’s gallery. The remote control feature can lock the target device which can be pretty handy in circumstances when your kids excessively use their smartphone or tablets.

XNSPY’s SMS spy software comes at an affordable price with amazing features, starting as low as $8.33/month.

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