Snapchat upgrade success surprises both customers and the company

It’s all about the app and then it’s about the update. Snapchat is stealing the limelight from all instant messaging apps with its new update this week. The addiction we thought couldn’t get any severe has increased! Snapchat added text chat and video calling to its app.

It is now the Holy Grail for those who want to communicate faster and through various Medias without logging into different apps.

The catch of the app has always been the time set on the sent picture/video or now text message. School students seem to love it more than anyone else. The two founders of the app Robert Murphy and Evan Spiegel knew what they were doing when they turned down the acquisition deals from Facebook and Google worth over three million dollars. It was definitely a strategy and customer satisfaction galore. The new offerings of video and text messaging have been more than well received. This has been their major app update since the introduction of Snapchat stories in October last year.

Let’s get into the updates shall we? Starting from the text messaging, Snapchat sticks to its routes of disappearing messages after they’ve been viewed. It’s about full attention engagement in conversation from both users. A new icon is added that lets you know if your buddy has its Snapchat open, contrary to the classic ‘online’ that is viewed on WhatsApp and other communicating apps, Snapchat has “Here” to signal a start to conversation. It’s cool and it serves the purpose.

It’s Here – New Snapchat:

The video-calling feature has been the most exciting. It’s aimed at enabling quick conversations with users already engaged in chat. The crux behind this addition is that it’s meant to be a spontaneous and instant. Users need not go through the hassle of planning ahead for a chat like in the case of Skype, Oovoo, Google hangouts and the like. While Snapchat is a great app for communicating instantly on the go via various Medias now, it seems to target the pre-teen and youth more than anyone else. But with this new upgrade the age demographic will expand for sure. We want all our mediums of communication in one package and we’re happy with a company provides that to us.

Entrepreneurially both the founders have set the bar high for their product for sure. This isn’t a fluke, after turning down acquisitions from the big guns in the industry, they definitely weren’t being naive. Snapchat is already a big company worth billions of dollars, providing employment for over 70 people and facilitates over 700 million photo messages each day. That’s not joke and definitely no fluke. The company had shed a great chunk of their earnings in this upgrade, they didn’t just outsource the help needed to integrate these new features into the app they acquired real-time communications startup AddLive in the last few months for an undisclosed sum of money.

Snapchat is determined to take smartphone chatting to the next level, not only has this upgrade been a hit, there’s a greater stronger fan following now with higher expectations from the company. Snapchat is going down in history for hitting the target right and satisfying customers. The success of this upgrade has been a surprise not only for the customer but also for the company.

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