– Where friends meet

Is there any Myspace or Orkut for INDIA??
Yes and here is the answer for it….. LogoLaunched….. – Where friends meet.

In today’s jet age, the key to success lies in how well you are networked. And its not to be just simply networked! Its about being networked with the right people who aspire to be successful and think differently.

So, you need a platform where you can grow, network and develop yourself to the best of your ability. The answer to all this is The ‘one in all portal from INDIA’ which gives you a host of services. From communities to forums, it has everything, in one website.

You get to meet and make friends from people across the globe, based on your interests, profession,hobbies & skill set.

Apart from communities and friends, also gives you the facility of blogging and expressing your thoughts on diverse topics of your choice. You also get to read other members blogs and interact with them.

A robust and ever growing archive of interesting advertisements and media files is another unique feature of to all its members. Not only do you get to see interesting advertisements, the best part is they are hand picked unlike a simple and plain database. You can also contribute by posting advertisements which you feel stand apart!

You can create groups on topics which interest you. From sports, creativity, media, technology to something as diverse as music and writing, you can discuss and develop yourself.
You also have a regularly updated polls which give you the pulse on hot topics in news, from sports to politics to entertainment!..

Do you like playing games? Then you have one more reason to register as the site offers some real entertaining games and has a burgeoning database.

Also you have interesting quizzes and latest music hits. You could poll and request for a song too! great isn’t it..?

With so many features in one place, all you need to do is register and begin the journey of fun entertainment and development… – come join , make friends and share your knowledge….. keep sneham

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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