SocialBrites – The best protecting device for your child!

Since the birth of your child, you gave him/her only the best. Even today, you would want only the best for your little one. Keeping this in mind, Anpeco has brought to you the best child loss prevention accessory – socialBrites.

Now you may ask me, why it is the best. I have a long list of answers to this question. To start with, Anpeco is the previous winners of CES’s prestigious Design & Excellence award.

The next feature projecting its excellence is, their sensitivity not only towards the quality of its protection but also towards the look of their product. According to them, a good protecting device does not necessarily have to be bulky and ugly to the child wearing it. Led by Tom Harrah, the engineering team at Anpeco Design claims that it can be a fun filled experience for the child wearing it, along with being a great relief to the parent.

How does it manage to do both these tasks with perfection? With an iOS or an Android one can fully control their socialBrites, including selecting colors, brightness, and patterns to display. You or your baby can create interesting single or multiple patterns. This is the fun part. Coming to the quality of protection, it communicates with your smartphone automatically giving you an alert if your kid strays too far away.

The pattern you create easily syncs with the music on your phone. If you are thinking that charging your socialBrites can be a challenging task, then you are mistaken. It comes with a 1 foot colorful USB with which you can charge your device with great ease. Presently, you will find socialBrites funding on Kickstarter. So what is your opinion about this unique, child – friendly device?

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