Someday Teaser Released – India’s First International Dance Film

Paanch Rupaiya Baarah Aana, the production house, has launched the teaser of Saahil Prem’s new movie ‘Someday’.

Someday is not any average Bollywood movie. It is international in all senses. Termed as India’s first International dance movie, it has been shot in the university town of Sheffield in England and features Salah Benlemqawanssa, a French award-winning competitive hip-hop dancer , who will act in a Bollywood movie for the first time.

Someday - India's First International Dance Film
Someday – India’s First International Dance Film

Saahil Prem in his directorial debut has experimented with a new genre of movie, bringing the dance form B-Boying in the lime light. The dance form is fresh and vibrant, and is something the Indian audience is not used to seeing on a daily basis. The dance form is there not just to attract the audience but also forms an essential part of the story especially in terms of the tonality and the attitude of the movie. In the movie, the director aims to convey the message of ‘giving people the courage to follow their dreams no matter the odds’ through dance.

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Someday is a movie of three Asian boys, who leave their home and country and go to study abroad, their struggles, their heartbreaks, their trials and triumphs. Life changing experiences coupled with new responsibilities help push our ‘boys’ into the journey of manhood.

Watch the teaser of Someday:

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