Sony and Google give us an irresistible combination of a TV with Internet!

If you think a fastest internet connection and a TV with great picture clarity are the best things you can have there’s a surprise for you. Google and Sony have teamed up to provide us with a combined and better version of the two most useful inventions in the field of technology.

Internet Televisions | Google TV | Sony
Introducing the world's first and only HDTV powered by Google TV

Yes! It is true, Sony powered by Google has created an Internet Television where you can update your Facebook status while viewing your favorite show on the same screen. Isn’t that amazing? Well…. That’s not it! This unique gadget has a toolbar which varies its size with changes from TV to internet. While its unusually large to match the TV it is quite normal when it comes to the internet.

Mr. Masaru Tamagawa, Managing Director, Sony India –, said, “At Sony, we want to create an entirely unique experience for the consumers which draws them closer to entertainment than ever before.” He added, “Indian consumer today has become all the more technology savvy and with the launch of new technologies like 3D, Internet TV and LED, we want to ensure that they get nothing but the best.” Those who are willing to use Google TV need not worry about replacing their old one because it has been created to be able to be adopted along with the existing one. All that is required is a HDMI input to the box. The TV comes with an instrument that serves a dual purpose of a remote control and a keyboard. An iPhone can also be used as a remote and there’s a facility for using multiple iPhones at the same time. Cool isn’t it?

It doesn’t end at this! There’s a wide range of applications to be explored.   The gadget has inbuilt applications like Twitter, CNBC, Netfix and so on. You name it and you have it on your TV screen. It also provides you with an opportunity to ‘’fling’’ pictures and videos from your iPhone to your TV screen. So now you can transfer things whenever you feel like. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to miss your favorite show in any situation? Now it is possible! Google TV allows you to record a show while your away and view it later on. Your Google TV can be your largest photo gallery with access to photo sharing sites. In Google TV you can  directly view your favorite TV channels as soon as you turn it on. So you don’t have to search for them each time. Don’t forget that the list of your favorite can be changed at will. The price of this fully loaded gadget has not been revealed by its makers yet.

The surprise package has not been completely unwounded yet! Google TV also allows us to do some multitasking. It displays an album art where we can play music along with viewing a picture slideshow, although we cannot expect to create or edit the playlist. While discovering further we will be asked if we have premium channels like HBO. If our answer is a yes we are taken to another page where we are given a list of premium channels that the direct TV has. In this way we get a list of over 100 channels to choose from. With so many breath taking features the Sony Internet TV is a must possess to any gadget lover on the earth. So when are you getting your multitasking gadget home?

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