Sony NFC enabled wireless speakers

There are more and more wireless and portable speakers coming into the market, from the Hamburger mini speakers, to the waterproof Pool Pod floating speakers by Audio Unlimited, we’re seeing more innovation with each day. Sony jumps on that bandwagon and adds NFC to wireless speakers.

Sony NFC Enabled Wireless Portable Speakers
Sony NFC Enabled Wireless Portable Speakers

According to Sony the combination of 40 W RMS magnetic fluid speakers and the built-in S-Master amplifier offers listeners a rich, detailed full range sound with top notch clarity and depth. This is because the magnetic fluid uses an advanced ferro fluid developed for the NASA space program. Sony is definitely leaving no leaf unturned when providing quality with great innovation.

The speakers are 481 x 202 x 86 mm (18.9 x 7.9 x 3.3-inch) all-in-one CMT-BT80WB, They feature a slot-loading CD player, and both DAB and FM radio with 20 presets each. Wi-Fi is integrated in the system which would help the users to stream music from a home computer network via DNLA. Basically if you own a smartphone and/or tablet that is NFC enabled simply touching the your device to the system instantly establishes a Bluetooth wireless connection. This makes the whole connectivity factor super easy and simple. And if your device doesn’t support wireless streaming, Sony has made place for a USB charging/playback port and a 3.5 mm auxiliary input that you can use.

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The next question after all the juicy, and tempting information is the price and availability; however as of now no announcements have been made on the price but the CMT-BT80WB system itself (along with an NFC/Bluetooth-only CMT-BT60B version) will be available in Europe May 2013 onwards.

Information: Gizmag

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