SOSCharger to save your life and your phones!

SOSCharger Self-Powered iPhone & Smart Phone Charger

So if you’re out of battery and really need it, be it in a natural disaster, power cut, or just because you don’t have any other tool to recharge it, save yourself the tension and get the SOSCharger.

Yes, there already are many products in the market that allow you to charge your battery while on the move or to have backups, but when there is absolutely no electricity, you have to go back to basics and manual it up.

The SOSCharger comes with a 1500mAh battery that you can keep charged, and once it’s over, you can use the crank that generates power. The main feature, i.e., the crank, provides 5-12 minutes of talk time for every 3-5 minutes of cranking. This is definitely subject to the power demands of different phones.

SOS hand charger

The product has a minimal design; the handle of the crank has been designed to be extra-long and features a grip to make the turning easier over a long period. The charger comes with a standard USB port, so any device that charges with a USB cable will work with the SOSCharger.

If the phone is charging, it will be clear from the many indicator lights present on the charger’s body. Three LEDs inform the user of how much power the SOSCharger has, and an active charge light shows whether a device is currently receiving power from it. An innovative feature is the power switch, which makes sure no power is drained out unnecessarily from the battery of the SOSCharger.

The device is predicted to be on retail for under $35, which is reasonable considering it is meant to SOS! Do you think you will need a device like this?

Information Source: Gizmag

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