South Indian Masala Dosa leaves the World’s Tastiest Food behind!

A lovely start to a day always begins with a yummy breakfast. And if you ask me there’s nothing other than a crispy Masala Dosa that melts in your mouth and takes you into an entirely different world of flavors. You may say that this is a very South Indian opinion but let me tell you that you’re totally mistaken. This traditional South Indian dish has made a place in the hearts of people all over the world. You don’t believe me?

South India's Staple Food Masala Dosa - A Hot Favourite of the World!
Did you taste the world-famous Masala Dosa yet?

Then let me tell you something that will force you to do so. The Masala Dosa as it is lovingly called occupies a fourth place on the list prepared by Viator Travel Blog for Huffington Post. Preceding the Masala Dosa are dishes like China’s Peking chicken, Malaysia’s seafood curry, Thailand’s green papaya salad, and BBQ Ribs of the USA.

Over time the Masala Dosa has gained so much popularity that even Rocky Singh, host of popular TV show Highway On My Plate couldn’t find anything better than that in his never-ending quest for the tastiest food in India. He says “It is like the shark, so perfect that even nature hasn’t changed its design for millions of years. Dosa is the same.

It’s been around forEVER and will stay for EVER as perfection needs no improvement.” Pai Dosas by Pradeep Pai offers as many as 156 verities of Dosas but he too agrees that nothing can beat the mesmerizing flavor of the original Masala Dosa! Since I mentioned 156 verities let us explore what Pradeep has to offer to a customer craving for yummy Dosa.

The recent favorites of his customers have been the Pepper and Salt Dosa and the Human Dosa which is a Konkan word for pickle Dosa. He has observed that if a foreigner is served with a Masala Dosa amongst all other dishes he is sure to reach out to the crispy Masala Dosa that sits temptingly before him. I guess this is proof enough to convince you about the statement I made earlier in this article.

Recently the six annual Dosa Fest held at Abad Plaza just confirmed the fact that Dosa still rules the world of yummy dishes and will continue to do so until we find something better than Masala Dosa. I wonder if that day will come at all! Well, no one knows what the future has in store for us but in the present day, the Masala Dosa is the king of millions of hearts out there!

A bite of a Masala Dosa anyone?

Source: MASALA DOSA, Zindabad!

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