SpiderOak Hive – The new synchronising feat introduced!

It’s been year since the SpiderOak has been around. It is a public cloud service that lay special focus on security. The concept behind SpiderOak was to create a service that provides Dropbox features with visibility to the account holder only. Following in the move, the new feature Hive has been added.

SpiderOak Hive
SpiderOak Hive

SpiderOak has primarily appealed to the more security-conscious users, now a great new feature called the Hive will help in automating the process of syncing between the different devices connected to your SpiderOak account. The new Hive feature is available for iOS users and will release for Android users on May 13th. SpiderOak co-founder and CEO Ethan Oberman explained in an interview;

“One of the benefits we’ve always argued behind SpiderOak is that it’s a much more flexible tool. You can go in there and specify what data you want to back up, all the way down to a specific folder that may be buried, like, twenty folders deep in your desktop… Unfortunately, you have to actually go through the steps of setting it up.”

but now with the new Hive feature that won’t be an issue and he further explains; “With SpiderOak Hive, we’ve removed a lot of those setup steps and allowed people to benefit from the technology through dragging and dropping things into the Hive folder.”

Here is a quick demo on SpiderOak Hive

Using SpiderOak has many advantages, one of the main objectives was working on privacy, no user should have to compromise on privacy. The advantage of using SpiderOak over Dropbox¬†or another cloud storage and sync tool has often been lost on less-skilled users used to Dropbox’s “install and go” ease of use; SpiderOak hopes that Hive will overcome that barrier and expand its reach. Not many users tend to go deep into the app to recognize its key features.

The SpiderOak client, with Hive, can be downloaded directly from the official web page and users can sync up to 2GB of encrypted data to the cloud with a free account.

Information Source: SpiderOak

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