SPOTLIGHT – Beyond Love, Sex, Drugs, and Betrayal!

From being dependent on the mercy of the Cable Operators & DTH Providers, viewers have found (and are thoroughly enjoying) access to a whole new world of qualitative, versatile & original content. OTT or as we know them, over-the-top platforms, such as Viu have taken the online video market by storm giving us world-class and worldwide content within a few clicks.

With the current user base for Online Video Market crossing 300 Million in India alone, we are all set to scale to new heights. KPMG India, in its recent report, predicted this number to rise to 500 Million Online Video Subscribers by 2023. This would place India as the second-largest online video market in the world being preceded by China. There is no doubt that in order to engage their audiences in the best possible manner, OTT platforms are going all out with their budgets & efforts, giving us some remarkable original content. One such starry series that took its viewers by storm is the Spotlight Web Series from Viu the OTT platform from Vuclip and Hong Kong-based PCCW.

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Filmmaker – Producer Vikram Bhatt’s web series Spotlight undresses the dirty little secrets of Bollywood and shines light upon the lives of the stars caught in its realm. It stars the Bengali beauty Tridha Choudhury, the talented Sid Makkar, Arbaaz Ali Moghul, and a face most Bollywood Buffs can instantly recognize, Actor & Producer, Arif Zakaria.

Tridha Choudhury has been applauded for her performance in her Hindi debut Dehleez, as Swadhinta, an advocate who comes to Delhi to make her career. As the female lead in Spotlight, Tridha plays the role of Sana Sanyal, a (once) simple and sweet small-town girl ‘who emerged from the anonymity of a village in the mountains & goes from rags to riches’ once she hits off with her career. Needless to say, the riches came only after a whole lot of struggle and being caught amidst unending miseries of the heart. Directed by Suhail Tatari, the story reveals the much-known, less-discussed, ugly truths behind the lives of the stars we adore on screen.

As the story opens, we see a beautiful, hurting actress getting ready for her courtroom shot in a Vanity Van (describing a movie being made in a movie can be tough at times…). Clad in a baby pink skirt with a pearl white top the star Sana Sanyal makes her entry onto the set for the first shot of the film she was shooting for. Here’s where things take an unexpected turn and right in the first scene (Spoiler Alert) Sana gets brutally shot at (by a gun, not the camera)… you should watch the series to know who did that.

Now, on one side as a consequence of her outspoken nature and decisions that put her in the Spotlight, Sana is seen battling for her life. On the other, is a troubled husband, heartthrob actor Romesh (Sid Makkar) being pushed by his extremely unhappy and agitated wife to clear the air surrounding controversies between him and Sana. Well, as they say, there is no smoke without a fire. The story of Bollywood, beautifully captures the desires of a budding actress whose ambition knows no bounds and takes her to dizzying heights. Sadly, her heart is forever yearning for that one true love who she assumes to have found but soon realizes its costs and brings to our attention the dirty (and some heart-breaking) little secrets of this world of glitz & glamour.

The series quickly drew attention as it got people doing what they love (apart from being entertained) – connecting dots, sometimes even the ones that do not exist. Spotlight happened to find rumored resemblance (according to some) to the life of Kangana Ranaut. However, these were dismissed as Spotlight web series offers a whole lot more than just ‘masala’ and is an original story. Speaking to Bollywood Life, Tridha said, “Spotlight talks about lessons in love and life and is hence intriguing.” 

The 10-episode series – Viu Spotlight, received praise & appreciation that is true to the efforts of its COO, Arun Prakash “Just making one or two high noise originals won’t help. One needs to consistently offer good quality regional content.”

Following Spotlight, Vikram Bhatt gives viewers Spotlight 2 starring Karan V Grover and Aditi Arya. The first glimpse of the banner gives you a sense of rebel and agitation. Well, Vicky Varma (Karan V Grover) happens to be a singing prodigy who like most filmy, successful, Rockstar’s goes all out and indulges in drugs, alcohol and (obviously) sex! As he is at the pinnacle of his career, his indulgence and attitude take away all that he once cherished – career, friends, fame, money, and pleasures. His well-wishers’ team-up, including his ex-girlfriend Jyothika (Aditi Arya) who he also cheated-on, to bring Vicky’s life back on track.

With 13 episodes, the simple, minimalistic, yet detailed series – Spotlight 2, beautifully captures the rise, fall, and rise of a star. Karan V Grover has immersed himself into the character and delivered a praise-worthy performance. The series is an absolute ‘yes’ for binge-watchers to indulge in the story of a bad boy and his innocent looks that despite it all make you want to forgive him. The support and encouragement from his loved-ones will leave you wishing you had some too! 

Overall, Vikram Bhatt’s Spotlight & Spotlight 2 are a perfect weekend indulgence for you!

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