Spring/Summer Hairstyles 2013!

Dressing up is fun, but most women tend to find dressing their hair the most difficult task. There’s a reason why we all want to avoid a ‘bad hair day’. There are plenty of styles in for S/S 2013, no matter the natural texture or color of your hair, these styles are sure to fit into your daily life super easy and give you the overall look you always wanted.

Spring/Summer 2013 - The trend of Hair styles
Spring/Summer 2013 – The trend of Hair styles

  1. Super easy super straight

    Say hello to your straightening iron, this is the easiest way to get ready, the trend has been spotted at Lacoste S/S 2013 shows. The straight hair is the basic fun style that works with any time of the day. It is versatile and can be made to enhance the shape of your face by a simple side parting, or by twisting two strands from the front of your hair at clipping them at the back. The style is clean and fresh.

  2. The wet look

    Forget beachy locks get your hair the wet look, sweep hair to the side or back or twist up strands for a messy wet look. This style is definitely for those who don’t mind a lot of hair products in their hair for the wet effect, and for those who like to take risks.

  3. Low ponies and buns

    There’s an air of sophistication when hair is pulled back into a pony tail/bun that’s low slung. Best with formal wear, to give an edge to your day and outfit. This is also super easy to style as you won’t have to spend a great deal of time with your arms up styling your hair. Easy breezy and sophisticated.

    Low Messy Bun Hairstyle:

    It’s the season to experiment with your hair
    It’s the season to experiment with your hair
  4. Cropped Fringe

    So the bangs are safely out, and the cropped fringe has entered with a bang. Seen on the S/S 2013 Runways of MiuMiu,Giles, Prada etc. this trend is great if you want to really experiment with your hair, this is not for those who like to play it safe, a definite fad, the trend won’t last long but will give you a great boost of on trend feel.

  5. Hair Accessories

    Bring out the girlie girl in you and take her to the next level. Runways have been splattered with hair bands, head scarves, fashion forward hair clips, all for you to experiment with. So don’t hesitate to take any route with this trend, you can go girlie with bows like Louis Vuitton, or edgy golden hair bands with Balenciaga, or funky with Fendi hair bands in various colors and designs. Don’t hesitate to re-position these accessories to accentuate your face.

  6. Lazy-messy

    Yes, this is our favorite isn’t it, and be sure to know that designers have used it in their S/S 2013 shows. One of the most easiest styles to pursue, just let your be and own it. Let it hang, or pull into a pony tail, a messy bun, or any messy braid, it’s all allowed this season.

So that’s a simple tress roundup on all that’s happening on the heads of super models this season. Embrace the fun and experiment, be sure to exude all the confidence and make your ensemble look polished and complete with the right hairstyle.

Images Source: GlamourMagazine

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