Stand-up Comedy: A Job, a Business!

A job, a business, you a brand, that’s a fun combination. Not to mention a lethal one, when you are selling you, and are doing it right there is no stopping the inflow of cash. One such career/business path is of stand-up comedy.

Laughter is the best medicine and no one will deny it, everyone needs to unwind in the end of the day and nothing beats watching your favorite comedian and rolling on the floor laughing. Over the years stand-up comedians have gained the respect of all, and are now becoming celebrities of sorts. They are selling off huge arenas, like the Madison Square Garden. And with all that popularity and acceptance, comes all the money!

2011 Earnings of the most famous comedians in the world
2011 Earnings of the most famous comedians in the world

Earnings of the most famous comedians in the world:

1. Jeff Dunham: 2010 Earnings, $22.5 million
2. Dane Cook: 2010 Earnings, $21 million
3. Terry Fator: 2010 Earnings, $20 million
4. Chelsea Handler: 2010 Earnings, $19 million
5. Russell Peters: 2010 Earnings, $15 million

It’s easier now to make a brand out of yourself with a good standup comedy career. Well-known artists around the world are earning in millions for their comedy gigs, not to mention going on tours, selling out their DVDs and appearing on big talk shows. Even in India the trend of English speaking Indian standup comedians is picking up, the youth find them more relatable and funny. Though the stand-up comedy market in India is still on its initial stages many are getting a chance to show off their talent via reality shows and open mic nights.

Now how can one convert their funny genes into a full-fledged business? First and foremost, you’re a comedian if people actually can’t help but say “you’re funny” to your face, you need to be great, not mediocre not sub-standard. Your asset i.e. your mind should always be in a creative zone to make new jokes and present them spontaneously. With practice you won’t need to be rehearsing your routines before hitting the stage, one of the most important personality traits of a stand-up comedian are his presence of mind, and how to turn things around when the audience is just not responding. Once you’ve established yourself as a great comedian, move on and grab every other opportunity you can to show it off. This can be done by getting roles in movies, or TV shows, or getting booked for celebrity events, hit YouTube to make exclusive videos, keep in contact with fans via social networking websites, keep them engaged, keep them laughing.

Dane Cook: Vicious Circle tour, sneezing atheist routine:

Once you’ve started to expand, start investing in yourself, sponsor, or co-sponsor tours of your own, and travel across your city, country or continent. When you produce your own gig, you earn more than just your salary for the night! Nobody takes comedians seriously (in a positive way), hence you can experiment all through your career with the content, this will give you opportunities to improve your routines and make them more fan favorable. Manage your own money, make yourself a company, network your comic soul off and build lasting connections.

There is nothing more satisfying than laughing and making money out of it. Comedians can get away with anything, their views are laughed upon but can never be held against them because it’s their job. If you’re wise and really interested in the money, make sure you focus on building a brand of yourself. There’s no stopping anyone who tickles the funny bones of many across the globe!

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