StrongVolt Solar Charger for your smart devices!

Worldwide awareness regarding the need to be environment friendly in all that we do is increasing tremendously. These human activities should even include charging our electronic devices. This was realized by the makers of StrongVolt SmartCharger who have come up with a solar charger that is distinct from the others of its kind.

In fact I would correct myself and call it the only one of its kind. The feature that gives it the uniqueness is its ability to go on standby mode when the sun decides to hide behind the clouds. This prevents you from any kind of excursion when it is sunny again because is not only an environment friendly but also a smart charger! With the sun shining bright it turns on automatically to continue charging your device.

Unlike other solar chargers StrongVolt SmartCharger is Apple’s best friend. So now you can charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod without the use of electricity. Now how cool is that! But this wasn’t easy to achieve. It involved spending great amount of time in research leading to the development of patent pending Sun Track Technology. This path breaking idea of iDevice compatibility will make it lovable to all the users of Apple products. This unique charging device amazes its users with a high level of automation. It shows its smartness by turning off when you are in shade and turning back on when you expose it to sunlight. So all that is left for you to do is to decide which type of device you want to charge using the integrated switch. That’s easy, isn’t it?

StrongVolt Solar Portable Solar Charger
StrongVolt Solar Portable Solar Charger

There’s one more thing that can make the StrongVolt SmartCharger your favorite and that is to tell you when the sunlight is sufficient and when it is not. This it does in a colorful way. It shows a green light to indicate sufficient sunlight and a red light to indicate its insufficiency. Which device in your house is as smart as this one? With the StrongVolt Smartcharger requires just three steps to charge any device – select your device on the switch, plug in your device charging cable and put the charger in the sun – it’s as simple as that.

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