Stylist Rachel Zoe Launches Jewelry Collection

Fashion stylist extraordinaire Rachel Zoe has been a celebrity favorite for her sense of style. She has been in the business for too long to know all the tricks of the trade. Zoe has had a successful career since the beginning, there is no doubt she is talented and is expanding her stylist portfolio to designing.

Rachel Zoe now expands company with jewelry collection
Rachel Zoe now expands company with a jewelry collection

The stylist has been in collaborative efforts with renowned labels like Judith Leiber, shes the consultant for, Gap, Inc’s shoe and handbag website. And with all this talent it only makes sense that she would venture into making her own clothing line.

She had documented the whole stress, and the making of her first collection in her reality show The Rachel Zoe Project Season 4, with that being a success Zoe has successfully launched her own jewelry line.

Rachel Zoe Debuts First Jewelry Collection, Sneak Preview, Fab Flash

She has always been obsessed with Jewelry and accessories, and she’s not the one who shies away from a lot of bling. The jewelry collection is officially available at and 42 Neiman Marcus stores all across America; it includes necklaces, earrings, cuffs, and a whole variety of cocktail rings.

Zoe describes her jewelry line; “It’s fancy but it’s not,” at a preview of the collection, the price range starts from $195 and goes up to $650. The jewelry inspiration has come from everything the style Moghul likes, from art-deco, the 1960s and 1970s. Each product is a statement piece, just how Zoe likes it.

She has always been a jewelry lover, and has a great knack for making any outfit by giving it the right pieces; about her collection she says “I feel like I have been designing this collection for the last 20 years,” Zoe says. “I sketched and drew a lot of inspiration from my archives. And my research involved a lot of trial and error. After the first prototypes, I decided if I liked this or that, changed chains and stones.”

Celebrities have been in an ongoing process of launching a brand in their name so that if at any point their film/TV career were to fail, they’d have something to rest on. But many have failed, and many have succeeded. Rachel Zoe may not be a TV or movie star, but she’s a star in her own might. She has a cell phone list of major designers like Micheal Kors, Marc Jacobs, etc, she’s loved in the fashion world.

Expanding the products in any business can be very tricky especially if you’re in the competitive business of fashion where one day you’re the hottest thing, and the next day you’re a goner. Zoe has always had the support of her husband and business partner Rodger Berman, which has kept her strong, and sane through all the ups and downs.

If one tends to give a lot of attention to detail and tries to micro-manage every aspect of their business; chances are the major things wouldn’t get accomplished. However, it is those who really love what they do and put in all they have, that succeed and not only become famous but become role models for many. Rachel Zoe is an example of dedication and taste, not to mention a great entrepreneur.

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