Sudden Hike in Petrol Price trouble common Man once again!

The UPA has decided to do some mischief on the occasion of its third anniversary by meddling with the petrol prices once again. The common man feels completely robbed by the government. Although government has its own justification for such a decision nothing can compare to the burden placed on common man. However it will be unfair on our part if we do not give a listening ear to the government justifications.

Hike in Petrol Price bother common man again!
Hike in Petrol Price bother common man in INDIA again!

They blame the losses incurred which has forced them take such a harsh decision. “Given the losses being incurred, the company is compelled to increase the price of petrol by Rs.6.28 per liter (excluding VAT/Sales Tax) with effect from midnight,” said the country’s largest oil firm Indian Oil Company in a statement.

On the other hand the opposition has found a valid reason to criticize the government. The BJP calls it an atrocious act of the government. Here’s what the chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee had to say about the issue “We have not been consulted before taking the decision. The rise in the prices of petrol would add to the burden on the people. We shall oppose the move. ” she said. The hike in petrol prices could also be a reaction to the sudden drop in the value of the rupee some feel. Whatever the reason the sufferer is none other than the common man. The hike in petrol prices is going to vary from state to state. Lets take a look at what its going to be like.

Common man outraged over hike in Petrol prices – NewsX:

Starting from the north New Delhi was paying Rs 65.64 till now but now petrol in New Delhi costs as much as Rs 73.14. Similar is the case with Mumbai. Earlier petrol costs were limited to Rs 70.66 now it has reached a cost of Rs 78.16 there. Kolkata again is no exception in the matter of petrol price hike. It has jumped from Rs 70.03 to Rs 77.53. coming down south Chennai is facing a hike from Rs 69.55 to 77.05. if things continue in this way I’m sure people will start taking a walk or using a bicycle to their workplace. Are you ready to face it?

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  1. Nice article Kruti – Looks like we should avoid Petrol vehicles here after – petrol price is too much and its going up month by month – now a common man can’t afford a Tata Nano car either – hmm….. What about your thoughts?

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