SuperScrollorama a jQuery plugin by John Polacek

Scrollorama and it advanced version SuperScrollorama are super cool jQuery plugins for doing scroll animations or transitions of text or backgrounds created by John Polacek, a web designer and developer from Chicago – you can follow him on twitter at @johnpolacek.

SuperScrollORama - jQuery plugin for text and layer animations!
SuperScrollORama – jQuery plugin for text and layer animations!

With this super cool tiny plugin you can do the following animations and transitions like:


  • Fade In
  • Fly In
  • Rotate In
  • Zoom In

and effects like

  • Parallax scrolling
  • Easing

and Animations like

  • Fade It (Fading)
  • Fly It
  • Spin It (Rotating)
  • Smush It
  • Slide It (Sliding)
  • Wipe It
  • Bounce It (Bouncing)
  • Color It (Changing colors)
  • Fling It
  • Move It (Moving to different co-ordinates)

This jQuery Scrollorama is similar to Reveal.JS – and SuperScrollorama is a an advanced or updated version on basic Scrollorama plugin, which contains new options like triggerAtCenter, playoutAnimations and more.

I have used Reveal.JS for one of my single page presentation on the latest JavaScript frameworks. I am sure gonna try this SuperScrollorama for my next presentation. Good job John Polacek – I like almost all your works, I am happy to came across your site – a kind of good inspiration for me this weekend – Keep doing such useful and optimized plugins.

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