Switching browsers is easy in mobile or tablet with Choose Browser!

If you are a website developer or designer or you check various websites quite often in mobiles or tablets, you might have come across some tough time in switching the browser to surf the same url or link or website in various browsers installed in your devices. So generally what we do now is Select > Copy > Open the desired browser > Then Paste the url etc. which is really a lengthy process and kills your valuable time when it comes to touch screen devices. Or there might be some websites which are compatible to only few browsers and which asks you to switch the browser, so during this time this tiny Android Application will really saves your time and does the job quickly.

Choose Browser - Android Mobile and Tablet Application
Choose Browser - Android Mobile and Tablet Application

Choose Browser – an Android Application is the one I am talking about. If you want to share a page or link from any app and want to choose browser then this application helps a lot, means you can share a link from one browser to another – sounds so simple but this app is very handy for mobile or tablets – in reality this is really a useful app for frequent web surfers and is a great application for web designers or developers who wants to check mobile browser compatibility of the web site or web application they develop.

And the good thing is – No Ads, can Move to SD Card and its absolutely FREE :) – I have installed just now and using this tiny Choose Browser Android Application quite often.

Watch a short Choose Browser Demo:

Why not give it a try and share your experience?

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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