Remember the game Hockey?

After years of domination of cricket in the Indian sports, its national game Hockey has recently found recognition. Hockey the national game of India was completely wiped out of Indian memory with India being introduced to Cricket. Cricket took over the field and soon became the favorite of a whole lot of Indian population. I’m […]

Never Say Live

The NSA (National Security Advisor) said there was a need to effectively deal with organizations like SIMI and Bajrang Dal “because then there are many copycat organizations … Several micro units of the same kind may come up.” He claimed “SIMI and Bajrang Dal are not two sides of the same coin, but both of […]

Microsoft Pursues Yahoo!

Microsoft made a bid for Yahoo in order to topple the supremacy of the Internet giant Google by offering $31 a share which represented a 62 percent premium over Yahoo’s closing price of share around that time. But Yahoo turned down the offer stating that it was not enough….. More at: .pOINT_bLANK: Cartoons, India

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