Political Turmoil in Pakistan again!

Pakistan made headlines and this time it was the political developments in the state that catapulted the nation into breaking news section of various channels! It has been a kind of a ‘merry go round‘ as far as the power is concerned in the country. The ball’s been in Army’s court sometimes and sometimes it […]

Adsense and Mr. L.K Advani

Google Adsense has emerged as one of the popular means of earning revenue for blogs and websites. Several kinds of advertisements are placed in different places depending on their content and that of the website. Surprisingly, the other day while surfing, I came across the advertisement of a site which had the leader of the […]

Obama’s Hanuman connection?

Reports suggest that Democratic party candidate for US President, Barack Obama, carries a tiny Hanuman with him. Along with it he also carries a bracelet belonging to an American soldier deployed in Iraq, a gambler’s lucky chit and Madonna and child. The influence of Hinduism could be traced to Indonesia where he spent his initial […]

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