Take to Socialgiri to get closer to your favorite celebrity!

There are so many apps in the market today but there’s none that can match the app launched by Socialgiri. The reason why I announced this so confidently is because it is probably the only app that helps fans connect with their favorite celebrities.

This is done by choosing over 500 from Hollywood, Bollywood, music, politics, fashion and sports. This wonderful app of connectivity which is not even an year old [it was born on the 23rd October 2013] has been launched to express gratitude to users for giving them more than 20,000 downloads along with being a response to the demands by the communities they serve.

So now you can create a social stream of celebrity updates and that will be transferred directly to the social media platform of your choice. The passion for films and technology along with a deep desire to bridge the game between the unreachable stars and their fans resulted in Socialgiri. Co founder Masood represented the same passion by adding the suffix giri to the name of this unique app. The word “giri” in Indian entertainment titles is used to describe a passion about a certain subject. This app is basically targeting users aged between 13 to 28. The reason behind this specificity is the increasing number of younger population wanting to use smart phones. The co founder Margaret Simons is of the same opinion. Recent surveys have also shown us a similar picture with Indian participation in social media reaching the number 80 million. The inclusion of politics in this app is a result of inspiration drawn from the influence social media had on the Aam Admi Party [AAP] during elections says Co Founder Gazala Wani.

Socialgiri was founded by the ambitious efforts of Mansood Khatri, Margaret Simons, Gazala Wani and Suhail Ahmed. These men have the experience of working in different capacities earlier in their lives. Mr Khatri co founder came with an experience of over 20 years in the field of technology. He was the founder of Envisage, a strategic consulting firm, Simons’ worked in vital capacities at Goldman Sachs, UBS and Rutgers University. Co founder Gazala Wani was initially a part of Infovision, American Express and Mastercard. He too came with an experience of 16 years in the fields of BPO, Accounts and product management. Suhail Ahmed joined the group with experience of being 3 years Managing Director, Envesage overseeing development team in India. These great minds came together to help you get closer to your favorite celebrity.

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