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One of the premier communications companies in India is ICONET Communications Pvt. Ltd. The founder Captain Anil Midha is an expert in marine technology and highly experienced in the wireless radio communication, this eventually got him into further pursuing his entrepreneurial venture in 1994 by privatizing ICONET.

He hasn’t looked back since, and now his company produces Talk PRO walkie talkie, the world’s strongest walkie talkie.

These walkie talkies come in variety of features, depending on the use. Commercially it can be used for communication at construction sites, mining, railways, event management, airports, large factory outlets etc. Within their commercial line of walkie talkies are 4 products, with prices ranging from Rs.5000-Rs10000, depending on the features. The significance of these walkie talkies is their design which is made keeping in mind the Indian weather conditions and usage. All of the 4 variants come with 1 year warranty, look presentable and some are even water proof! Talk Pro provides solution through their range of Government Walkie talkie models too. The aim is to maximize productivity, by efficient walkie talkies than provide extended talk time and extensive signal range. These products are easy to use, and are suitable for variety of situations, like police/ govt. cars, public traffic, police and public security, railway and forestry fire prevention just to name a few.

H-350plus TalkPro
Talk PRO H350 Plus – Suitable For Army, Railways Para-Military forces, Cement and Steel plants, Iron Ore and Coal mines, Thermal plants, Fire fighters.

The website is user friendly, and provides enough information to know clearly which product will suit your requirements. The FAQ page has some interesting information that may be very handy for new users, like licensing information, warranty information, maintenance etc. Talk PRO product designs and simple and sleek, they don’t require extensive exploration. They are made to be used roughly, and regularly, handled by more than one person. These walkie talkies have a talk time of 48 hours, manufactured by Military standards, come with a 12 month warranty and some of the models have beam torch features and waterproof as well.There’s no wonder that talk PRO has a large company clientele that include Renault, Mahindra, Tata, Ford, Hyundai, UNITY health complex, Apollo Tyres etc. An array of accessories also are available ranging from mics, headphones, adapters, chargers, walkie talkie batteries, fiber glass roof top antenna, noise cancelling headsets, mobile antenna, surveillance accessories, speaker mic with torch light etc.

h250 TalkPro
Talk PRO H250 – Suitable For Event managers, Wedding planners, Crane operators, Restaurants, Film and Video shooting and Retail outlets.

It is not necessary that these products be bought by companies only, civilians can purchase a set for home safety or personal parties too, and security guards can use this walkie talkie to communicate if you have a large property or just want better security at your home. The high quality accessories are reasonable; these are meant to be for those who have a requirement of such complex productivity. Talk PRO walkie talkies are trusty products of major companies in India, and their competitive spirit, new designs, and solution provisions make them the best in the world.

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